How to Write for Mobile Viewing

January 9, 2018 | By NVIT Marketing Team | No Comments

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How to Write for Mobile Viewing

Mobile websites have taken over. Just go to any public area and you can see that people are glued to their phones. While people still use desktop websites, the popularity of mobile has increased the need for businesses to make sure that their website content can go mobile. Mobile websites can look great in desktop mode, but desktop sites can look pretty messy when viewed in mobile mode. Because of this, it is very important to build your website with a mobile-first mentality. Here are three steps to take in order to write with a mobile website in mind.

Be Straightforward
Be straightforward in what you are writing. Take the “less is more” mentality when writing for your website. Try not to be so wordy when you are explaining something by keeping it short, sweet, and to the point. If you are finding this difficult, write as you normally would, then go back and edit it. If you like to use big words, try to switch them out with similar, smaller words. Thesauruses can be very helpful in this aspect.

Don’t Use Too Many Pictures
Images are great in any article. They can break up words so that the reader is not only looking at text and can create some diversity in your articles. The issue with too many pictures on mobile is that they can take up a lot of the page’s real-estate. If the pictures do not add anything to the story that you are trying to tell, then they are just taking up unnecessary space. A lot of images can work well on desktop websites, but much less so on mobile.

Style is Important
The way that a written piece is styled or formatted is of the utmost importance for any website. As stated earlier, short and simple is the best way to go and, because of this, you will want to keep your sentences and paragraphs as short as possible. The space between paragraphs is important as well, as it can break up topics and give the reader a break from huge blocks of text. To further break up a block of text, bullet points can be hugely effective.

Subheadings can help your readers scan for topics that they want to read about and can help give your reader a preview of what is coming up. Lastly, pull quotes can be great evidence to substantiate what you are talking about. In addition, the standout and can be easily seen by those who are just skimming through the article.

These three steps are very important for mobile writing and can greatly benefit your website. The great thing about these three tips is that they are just as important for desktop writing. So, by using these three steps to write with mobile in mind, your desktop website will benefit too. Lastly, you will not be excluding your mobile viewers or your desktop viewers!

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