The Importance of Social Media for Businesses

December 1, 2017 | By NVIT Marketing Team | No Comments

The Importance of Social Media for Businesses

Social media is huge in today’s world. Facebook alone has 2 billion active users per month. With so many people on social media, an account is a must-have for any business. As you will soon see, many of the benefits of social media go hand in hand with one another. Here are a few reasons why your business needs social media.

Social media marketing increases your brand recognition. With so many users on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it is very likely that your brand will be seen. With a presence on the aforementioned platforms and more, your brand awareness will increase substantially. However, this increase in awareness will not happen overnight. Social media marketing can be a very exhausting pursuit, but it is one that is well worth it. Every opportunity to show off your brand is an opportunity that your business should take. It also contributes to SEO, a necessity for every business online.

Social media can contribute to your brand becoming more personal. Social media itself is very personal. Individually, we share private moments in our lives with other people. We share our feelings, likes and dislikes, memories, creations, and more with those who are connected with us. When you insert your brand into that equation, you become more than just a brand to the average person. Posting content and engaging with users is a great way to contribute to your brand becoming personal. This can also contribute to increased customer loyalty. Showing customers that you care by engaging with them on social media helps assure that they would do business with your company again.

By engaging with your followers, your brand can enhance its reliance. As stated in the prior point, showing customers you care builds loyalty and trust. Facebook and Twitter are great tools for customer service and are a great way to turn a negative experience into a potentially positive one. A good memory of a positive business experience is what gives your customers faith in your business. Being trustworthy will bring them back!

Advertising on social media can cut marketing costs. While not necessarily free, advertising on social media can be a lot cheaper than renting out billboards and/or TV ads. With a good social media strategy, your business can make big waves. This isn’t to say that you should not invest in other forms of advertising. It is very important to note just how effective social media marketing can be.

Lastly, social media can help your brand sell products. How useful is it to find a product that you want when you are just casually browsing Facebook? This is what can happen when you advertise one of your company’s products on social media. In addition, your business can get feedback on your products almost instantly. This can be very useful in determining what your customers want. This, in turn, will positively affect customer loyalty and trust.

It’s easy to see how each benefit of social media use plays off of the others. The keys to a successful social media campaign are engagement and consistency.

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