How Geofilters Can Help Your Business

February 12, 2018 | By NVIT Marketing Team | No Comments

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How Geofilters Can Help Your Business

Snapchat is a huge platform. With 158 million users daily, Snapchat is a platform that you have to consider investing some time into if you are a business owner. In fact, with that many daily users, Snapchat is a must.

We have already covered how the platform can help your business, but in this blog, we are going to concentrate on one of its best features for your business: Geofilters.

What is a Geofilter exactly? A Geofilter is an image that users can place on his or her photos and/or videos. Geofilters are geo-targeted, so users will have to be within a specific area to use them. For example, those in the Reno, Nevada area would have access to a Reno specific Geofilter whereas those in Las Vegas, Nevada would not. This example is over a very wide area, but you can target much smaller areas as well. Snapchat does not charge cities for Geofilters, but they do charge businesses. Fortunately, it is fairly inexpensive!

Now that we have talked about what a Geofilter is, let’s dive in on how they can be used to benefit your business.

Geofilters can be used to promote your brand at an event. The bigger the event, the bigger the audience. While it sounds logical to target every big event in town, it is best to target events that have to do with what your business does. A business based on sports, for example, should target sports events. You will really want to target events where your audience would be. Another great strategy is to create a Geofilter based on the event that you are targeting. When there is a football game, for example, try creating something that includes a football or yard marks.

Trade shows are a great place to target. There are often a good amount of people present and you can easily make a Geofilter centered around that trade show. Not every trade show would work, but targeting those that are relevant to your business is a great strategy. If there is a millennial there, your Geofilter should be there too.

Your business has got to have a Geofilter at its location. Change it every now and then so that it doesn’t get old. Be sure to also change it for special events or holidays. If you have got an awesome overlay for people to use, they will use it without question. Geofilters are also a great way to offer discounts to those that use them. Once one person sees the deal, others will do it as well. This will lead to many people using your Geofilter and can lead to increased brand awareness.

Right now, Geofilters are fairly cheap. Depending on the location targeted, a Geofilter can run for as little as $5. This could change, however, as demand for them grows. It’s important to know that targeting big events does sometimes cost more. As of now, it still will not break the bank though.

If you’re looking to start targeting younger crowds, Geofilters are the way to go. So go out there and create an awesome Geofilter!

NVIT Marketing Team