2018 Marketing Trends

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2018 Marketing Trends

There are new trends every year. Some trends have enormous influence on how you and your business execute marketing strategies while others have very little influence. In the world of digital marketing, these trends change quickly and vary widely in value to your company. Here are some marketing trends for 2018 that can help your business better its marketing strategy.

Blogs have been and are still a huge influencer in digital marketing. This is due to popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The creation and consistent publishing of blogs will help move your business higher on the search list when a keyword is searched. Blogs can also be used to engage your customers while providing great content.

Customer engagement on social media is of the utmost importance. With a chatbot, you can address customer’s comments on social media with predetermined statements or suggestions. Chatbots can save your company from having to dedicate employee time to respond to comments. This may sound like something a customer would not appreciate, but chatbots are already used by a huge number of companies.

Out of everything that is on this list, video is probably the most important. Consumers like to feel more connected to the people that they get their services from. Making videos for your brand gives you and your company a very personable feel. In addition, users are more likely to engage with videos than they are with photos or/and text. Creating content for your company’s videos is easy as well. You can include information such as sales, how to use a product or service, or even something more personal like a video blog. As you will see in some of the following trends, the sky’s the limit for video.

Live Streaming
At first glance, making a video and live streaming may seem like they are the same thing. They may be similar, but the two are very different. A video can be edited and made to look professional. A live stream, on the other hand, is raw, live footage. Through live videos, you can make very quick videos of things that you want to share with your followers immediately. With phone technology today, you can even live stream on the run!

A geofence is an area on a map that can be “fenced off” by a virtual border. By geofencing a specific location, your business can market to the individuals in that area. When a mobile user enters that geofenced location, he or she can receive a notification containing promotions or sales information. The “can” is important to note as mobile users have to “allow” your app to see his or her location. With how mobile people have been in 2017, you can market to a ton of people just by geofencing a location.

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