Is SEO Relevant in 2017? YES.

July 10, 2017 | By NVIT Marketing Team | No Comments

Is SEO Relevant in 2017? YES.

Through SEO, or search engine optimization, your company’s website ranks higher than others when specific keywords are entered into a search engine. This means that when your company site is searched online, it will be on one of the first pages that consumers see. This process is more complicated than it seems. It involves ever-changing search engine algorithms, which can be quite difficult to manage.

Businesses who choose to be search engine optimizers, working to make sites and pages appear in search engine results, are often confused by page rankings due to the fact that search engines aren’t always obvious about algorithm updates.

This causes SEO to be challenging to upkeep. So is the effort worth the time? Is spending time researching keywords, carefully placing them in titles, headers, and meta descriptions really worth all the struggle? Yes.

How is SEO still relevant?

SEO is an essential element in successful digital marketing. Without it, it is likely that your business will struggle to be successful. SEO is the determining factor in whether your business will attract traffic to your company or if it will get lost in the millions of websites online.

Some markets fail to see the importance of SEO. The constant changes in algorithms continue to reward popular content. This causes marketers to think that as long as they post worthwhile content, then SEO doesn’t matter. They assume that this will work itself out without a strategy.

Although quality content is extremely important in gaining consumer trust, causing them to want to visit your site more often. This isn’t enough on its own. SEO helps users find your valuable content.

Browsing the internet via search engines.

You most likely use a search engine every time you open an internet browser. Considering the fact that search engines are the primary source for users finding what they are looking for, it is important to end up at the top of their results. Every second, Google alone processes 40,000 search queries and over 3.5 billion searches a day. There is a very high chance that your goods or services are within those searches.

So, the time and energy spent on SEO are 100% worth it. It is worth doing and doing it right.

Your content won’t be seen without SEO.

Considering that quality content for your website takes hours, if not days, to complete, it’s safe to say that SEO is worthwhile. As mentioned before — your content won’t be seen unless it is optimized.

Your efforts could be wasted if your content fails in search engines. SEO ensures that your most valuable content gets the recognition it deserves. This will bring customers to your doorstep because they will trust your company if they find your content helpful online.

Keywords are still relevant.  

Keywords are processed today much differently than they used to be. Old practices that involved overusing keywords, or using them wrong, now come with penalties from the search engines. The simple solution? You have to know how to use them.

This is good news for people who are just learning, people who stuff keywords into their content, and the consumers alike. Now, you need fewer keywords and they need to be more specific than in the past. The more relevant your keywords, the more qualified your traffic will be. This may mean that fewer keywords means slightly fewer consumers visiting your page, but in the long run, this means that the consumers you are attracting are actually interested in what you have to offer.

The ever-changing algorithms may be frustrating, but you should look at them as a positive. Search engines don’t change their methods to make your life difficult, they do it to constantly improve the user’s experience. As they develop, they ultimately are only sending visitors that have a high chance of becoming clients or customers your way.

Now, here are some helpful tips to help you get started on your own search engine optimization.

Use handy tools to help you discover relevant keywords.

Keyword search tools such as Keyword Tool, Ubersuggest, and SEMrush, allow you to pinpoint keywords and phrases that people search online to discover your business.

This will allow you to create pages that attract consumers based off of the specific words you choose to lead them to your site.

Integrate the keywords organically.

Search engines cannot process words like human beings but they can tell when you are inserting a word that doesn’t match your services solely for the purposes of improving your ranking. The search engines penalize websites for this resulting in banishment from their engine or not ranking you at all. To avoid this, integrate your keywords organically.

This can mean using fewer keywords with less frequency. This is not a negative thing. Place words in your headline and then place that word naturally within the body of the content in order for it to flow without being awkward. No penalties and relevant traffic. Sounds good, right?

Use long-tailed keywords

There are many common keywords that are being competed over at this very minute that you will most likely want to use as well. The best advice to avoid the competition is to create longer, more specific phrases as your keywords so that there is less of a chance that others will want exactly what you are looking for.

Higher trusted SEO professionals

If you understand the time and effort that goes into SEO, then you know that it is no walk in the park. Luckily, there are professionals, like the team at NVIT Marketing, that keep up with the changing algorithms and know how to seamlessly integrate keywords into your content. If you don’t want to stress about creating valuable content AND worrying about the time required for SEO management, then hand your worries over to us and we will produce work that you will be proud to claim with little to no effort from you.

What if I don’t use SEO?

Without consistent SEO efforts, you run the risk of attracting little traffic to your website, placing your competitors in your consumer’s paths. You are basically giving your competitors the go-ahead to steal your customers. No one wants that.

Your website might be the most well designed, navigable, and user-friendly website on the internet, but if it is not search engine optimized, no one will ever know how great it is.

So give it a try! Better yet, hand the responsibility over to the SEO experts at NVIT Marketing to ensure high quality, up-to-date work.

NVIT Marketing Team